Your turnkey customer satisfaction management software

From collection to publication of your customers opinions

Collecting, moderating & publishing customer reviews on your website has never been easier.

Seerus simplifies and automates the entire process. 

From creating your surveys, collecting and moderating your reviews to publishing them directly on your website or social networks, we have fully automated the technology to make your life easier and save you time.

We create highly personalised surveys for you

Forget the sad & monotonous templates you’ve already seen on the web. 

We adapt the look & feel of your survey to your graphic charter, colors, logo, font.

Your customers will feel at home and your results will be even better.

Access an intuitive interface

Moderating your customer reviews has never been easier. 

You are notified in real time of each new review received. 

You can then respond and publish it in one click directly on your website. 

100% responsive, your manager is accessible from any device, for a better reactivity.

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Why customer satisfaction ?

Improving customer retention costs 5 to 7 times less than acquiring new customers.

Customer satisfaction is the number one differentiator for 80% of organisations.

Making customers and members ambassadors increases revenue by 20%.

85% of organisations see a measurable improvement in their ROI as a result of improving the customer experience.

Anticipate your customer relations

Anticipate potential problems with your customers and members with a turnkey solution.

Seerus automates much of the work for you, allowing you to immediately identify the root cause of a potential problem in a customer’s journey, and direct the appropriate people to take action, all in real time and with ease.

Listen to your customers & members


Listen to all your customers when they give feedback, whether directly via surveys, or indirectly through online comments, on your website or on social networks.

With Seerus, you can gather experience data from your customers or members at the right time, in the right place.

Understanding your customers’ or members’ needs is key to building customer loyalty and increasing your ROI.

Improve your understanding of your customers by conducting more targeted surveys and providing highly personalised experiences.

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Who we are ?

Seerus is a turnkey SAAS technology for any company or organisation that wants to put the customer at the heart of its strategy.

The result of several years of development, our solution was made possible thanks to the collaboration of many experts in the field of new technological applications, the digital universe and the customer experience.

Fully automated, our technology is very accessible and easy to use, designed for large corporate groups as well as smaller retailers.

The aim is to help you collect, moderate, manage and publish customer reviews directly on your website or social networks.

Want to have you own brand ?

We offer you a 100% White Label solution, with our team of experts, our technology & our many years of experience.

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